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MS Guardio - a world of mesh, a world of wire guards

When you start to look around you will see that the world is brimming with of mesh in a rich variety of forms, sizes and materials. The natural world makes use of this design because it recognises its strength and versatility – perhaps the best and most beautiful example being the spider’s web.  Human kind has also recognised its benefits in a plethora of applications from reinforced concrete to hernia operations.

Steel weld wire mesh has numerous benefits and advantages as a medium for making safety guards. It is naturally flexible and its flexibility is the key to its strength. While providing a strong safety or protective barrier, the wire guard does not interfere with the functioning of the electrical fitting it guards. A wire mesh guard facilitates optimum heat, light and air circulation.

Greetings and welcome to the only website that specialises in wire mesh safety guards.  Welcome to MS Guardio – a world of wire guards.

At MS Guardio we pride ourselves in offering the widest range of wire mesh guard solutions for all your health & safety needs and much more.

Our products are practical, strong and beautifully crafted from British and European steel in Aiano’s London workshop. Aiano has been manufacturing wire guards for health & safety for more than 150 years.

Wire mesh guards are our world and we are experts on the wire mesh products we offer you. Collectively we have more than 40 years’ experience in wire working and electrical goods.

Where would you go to buy the radiator guards needed to cover those Dimplex storage heaters in your school, or those Creda panel heaters at your nursery?  How can you be sure that what you are buying is a quality product and one that safely fulfils the function for which it is intended?

We keep a large stock of all the most popular wire guard products, which means we can get your order dispatched with speed and efficiency. We also provide guidance and helpful information on what to look for and how to choose your guard

MS Guardio offers the widest range of radiator covers for all the most popular makes of heater. But as well as heater guards, we sell protective guards for light fittings including fluorescent light guards, bulkhead guards and floodlight guards.  We also sell small cages to protect sensors and other devices, such as motion detector guards, fans guards and socket guards.  We have a range of guards for air conditioning units. Amongst the other products we offer, you will find zinc-plated wire mesh lockers, stacking baskets and wire mesh magazine racks.

To make shopping more convenient, we sell some electricals too so that you can buy your heater together with a guard.

And if you still can’t find what you need from the huge choice of guards on our website, we will get it made for you as a bespoke solution.