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New gen Dimplex Quantum: Ultra-modern storage heaters

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Care Homes, Radiator Guards, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dimplex XLE150 storage heater

The new-gen Dimplex Quantum heaters are slim and sleek. Dimplex describes them as ‘the most advanced, economical, off-peak electric heater on the market’. Clearly, electric heating has come a long way from their origins in the 19th century as long, cylindrical light bulbs. In fact, Dimplex has a history of making cutting-edge storage heaters. MS Guardio supplies wire mesh guards for all Dimplex heaters.

In the early 1960s, electric energy was modern and fashionable. Electricity companies generated lots of power to meet this new demand. However, they were met with a big issue: how to make use of their power stations overnight. This was the most efficient way to make use of them. But who would use energy at this time?

Dimplex was one of the first manufacturers to come up with a solution: ultra-modern storage heaters.

In general terms, storage heaters have changed little in principle since that 1961 model. During the night, storage heaters store up electricity in clay or ceramic bricks. The heater then draws upon this heat in the daytime when required. Because they use electricity during the seven ‘cheapest’ hours (on the ‘Economy 7’ tariff), storage heaters can be very economical.

Why then, in the last 60 years, has storage heating not become the standard choice?

Units were bulky, heavy, and aesthetically unappealing. Heaters could be inefficient and leak heat, meaning you could run out of heat by the time you needed it. You would need to resort to using expensive daytime energy. For these reasons, storage heaters have taken a hit to their reputation. However, these misgivings are outdated, so before you write them off, consider the new-generation Dimplex Quantum product range.

Dimplex Quantum Heaters

So how impressive really is the new-gen Dimplex Quantum heater? Already, these heaters resolve the two major faults of storage heating: they are ergonomic and efficient. The Dimplex Quantum fan is rather large, meaning it can run at half the speed to do its job. Old storage heaters infamously make irritating noises. Dimplex has also resolved the issue of leaky heat with new refined insulation at the core of their heaters. Their design includes aerogel — a state-of-the-art insulator to reduce energy loss — and redesigned thermal bricks.

But what else can they do?

Comparative cost of running new generation Dimplex Quantum heater
Save money with new generation Dimplex Quantum when you replace your standard electric or storage heater

Modern storage heaters with the most modern technology

New-generation Quantum heaters are spaceships compared to their clunky predecessors. They feature a 7-day programmable timer, as well as out-all-day and home-all-day settings. They adapt intuitively to suit your lifestyle and learn to adjust their temperature over the day to match your preferences. More than this, they can monitor weather forecasts, preparing itself — and you — for an upcoming cold snap.

The boost: Unlike older models, you have the flexibility of a ‘boost’ for moments you crave a blast of warmth. By utilising the heater’s technology, you can be more efficient with your heat. And efficiency means savings!

These modern storage heaters are a great choice for senior citizens. Dimplex designed these models for ease of use, and especially for arthritic or less mobile users. The digital control panel has audio feedback and no fiddly knobs or buttons. Clever bonuses like open-window detection prevent heat energy (and money) from rushing out the window. The Quantum also comes with a pin-lock — a handy function when put in a house with small children. Or for more managerial control in a residential home with multiple occupants.

New generation Dimplex Quantum for the young and old generations

Fuel poverty is a very real issue in the UK. A government-conducted survey in 2017 estimated that there were at least 2.53 million fuel-poor homes in England. This is particularly worrying for the elderly, as it is estimated that 80 die every winter due to fuel poverty.

One benefit of choosing modern storage heaters is that they keep you warm without wasting too much money and energy. Quantum heaters are not cheap. They will set you back around £500 to £800. However, they do promise to save you money in the long run. Dimplex estimates:

  • 90% of your heating requirement can be met with low-cost energy
  • a modern storage heater can save you up to 27% compared to standard storage heaters
  • replacing electric radiators or heaters with modern storage heaters can slash your bill by up to 47%.

This is because the new gen Dimplex Quantum heater uses a low energy tariff. And by taking advantage of the technology, you become savvy with your energy use. Thus, the heater helps you use only the exact amount you need. Good for your pocket, good for the planet.

Customise your Quantum heater with a wire mesh guard for peace of mind

But it’s not just bills vulnerable users need to consider when choosing a heater. The Health and Safety Executive warns care homes that close contact with surfaces above 43C can lead to serious burns. Children are also at high risk of burns. It is estimated that 21% of burns suffered by children aged 0-15 result from contact heat, like hot radiator surfaces. Luckily, C. Aiano & Sons have developed with Dimplex specialised Quantum wire mesh heater guards. These would suit the new gen Dimplex Quantum heaters, perfect for certain environments where protection is key. These guards are finger-safe. They come with sloping tops to prevent items being left on top, and are manufactured using British and European steel. The kind of quality and precision you’d expect from a company with 150 years experience!

MS Guardio – a world of wire guards

At MS Guardio we pride ourselves in offering the widest range of wire mesh guard solutions for all your health & safety needs and much more.  Our products are practical, strong and beautifully crafted by Aiano from British and European steel.

Wire mesh guards are our world and we are experts on the wire mesh products we offer you. We keep a large stock of all the most popular wire guard products, which means we can get your order dispatched with speed and efficiency. We also provide guidance and helpful information on what to look for and how to choose your guard MS Guardio offers the widest range of radiator covers for all the most popular makes of heater.

But as well as heater guards, we sell protective guards for light fittings including fluorescent light guards, bulkhead guards and floodlight guards and various sensor guards. Please call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on our products.


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