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Are electric radiators a safe alternative to gas heating?

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Care Homes, Health & Safety, Radiator Guards, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dimplex QRAD200 radiator with Aiano radiator guard  - a safe alternative to gas heating

Despite the risks posed to UK homes, 85% of us still operate on Gas Central Heating. Is this wise? Is it safe? Are there really no reliable alternatives to gas heating?

At around 5:45am on 16th May 1968, Ivy Hodge went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. She lit a match to light the gas stove. And next, as she recounted to reporters: ‘I found myself on the floor’.

The match Ivy lit sparked a gas explosion. It caused the partial collapse of Ronan Point, a newly built tower block in East London. It was 22 storeys high.

Thus, Ivy’s basic desire for a cup of tea prompted a chain of events that left four dead and 17 injured. But what if there had been a safer alternative to gas heating?

Naturally, the tragedy of Ronan Point compelled the public’s attention to the dangers of gas. Yet, five decades later, just carbon monoxide alone is estimated to kill 30 people and injure 250 annually. Experts say that this figure may be underestimated. Especially amongst the elderly, whose symptoms of poisoning may be mischaracterised as ‘old age’. Furthermore, fuel poverty may cause people to rely on gas, making it hard for eldery people and care homes to consider replacing existing systems.

The safe and reliable alternative to gas heating

Does electric heating represent a safe alternative to gas heating? Today’s electric radiators are sleek and compact. They are built in with the latest smart technologies. Featuring LED screens and Wi-Fi controls, their development has been encouraged by the ubiquity of modern technology. And such elegance and functionality on a heater has never been more affordable, let alone in existence.

Thus, modern technology has touched the heating industry to produce a new kind of heater.

Did you know?

Electric radiators have evolved far beyond the dated and clunky storage heaters you might first associate with electric heating. It’s a wonder their development began in the 19th century. Indeed, early prototypes featured long, cylindrical light bulbs with elaborate fittings.

So why electric radiators?

The most distinguishing benefit of electric heating is that every single Watt of energy is transferred into heat. In contrast, gas and oil heaters lose energy during the combustion process.

So how do electric heaters work?

Electric radiators work by both heating the surrounding air and radiating heat.

You may have noticed that convection heaters lose their heat to draughts. Well, with electric radiators, that additional radiated heat would ensure your home is kept reliably cosy with safe thermal energy.

Accordingly, electric radiators are a more efficient alternative to gas heating.

What are the electric options?

One glance at an electrical radiator provider showcases the variety of options on offer.

For instance, take Dimplex, a trusted brand and the world’s largest electrical heating business. Take their new Quantum Series electric heaters. This model employs an algorithm to interpret not only your climate conditions, but your lifestyle pattern. With seemingly intuitive technology, the radiator adapts to store the right amount of low cost, off-peak electricity. And with the added flexibility of a ‘boost’ when required.

Our partner, C. Aiano and Sons, developed a special range of heater guards for the Quantum heaters, in cooperation with Dimplex. Aiano wire mesh radiator guards are the only radiator guards to feature on the Dimplex website. The Aiano Classic range of guards for Dimplex Quantum heaters can be purchase here on the MS Guardio website. MS Guardio recently published an overview of the Dimplex Quantum heater technology.


Electric radiators are a smart alternative to gas heating.

Compared to gas and temperamental oil heaters, recent electric radiators have been able to offer peace of mind. Of course, the intelligence to adapt to your specific needs goes a long way, not to mention their awesome features.

But importantly, they can be affixed to a wall or floor-standing and portable. In addition, different models may have a specific feature that is just right for you. Whichever is one’s preferred choice, there is probably a model that is perfect for you.


Care homes

The health and safety of elderly residents is paramount. Certainly, this has been brought home by the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, care homes frequently take on additional space heaters. Especially when there are sudden, cold snaps.

But the British Fire and Rescue Services estimate there are 100 casualties a year due to fires from heating appliances. They pinpoint the dangers of gas leakages and the risk of changing cylinders and cartilages.

Using portable heaters of any kind in a care home is non-advisable. But if you do plan to use a space heater in a supervised area, consider electric heaters. The Studio G Tower Ceramic Fan Heater offers ease of function and safety to vulnerable or elderly users. It even employs friendly technologies such as Auto Shut Off and Electronic Climate Control!

So are electric radiators a safe alternative to gas heating?

Electric heating is definitely an efficient and safe alternative to gas heating. The more intriguing question is, how much smarter will they get?

MS Guardio – a world of wire guards

At MS Guardio we pride ourselves in offering the widest range of wire mesh guard solutions for all your health & safety needs and much more.  Our products are practical, strong and beautifully crafted by Aiano from British and European steel.

Wire mesh guards are our world and we are experts on the wire mesh products we offer you. We keep a large stock of all the most popular wire guard products, which means we can get your order dispatched with speed and efficiency. We also provide guidance and helpful information on what to look for and how to choose your guard MS Guardio offers the widest range of radiator covers for all the most popular makes of heater.

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