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Dimplex Quantum Heater Smart Technology

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Care Homes, Health & Safety, Radiator Guards, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dimplex Quantum Heater Smart Technology for the Smart home

Dimplex Quantum Heater Smart Technology can be a core component of your smart home – or smart care home.

If you are looking to upgrade your electric heating systems, then Quantum heaters manufactured by Dimplex are your best choice.

The world’s most advanced and eco-friendly electric space heater uses low cost, off-peak energy, and intelligently adapts to your usage and lifestyle requirements as well as anticipating the weather.

The Quantum heater smart technology only delivers heat when required ensuring that no energy is wasted.

MS Guardio offers wire mesh radiator guards for Quantum heaters. Quantum heater guards are manufactured by Aiano and were developed by Aiano in cooperation with Dimplex.

The storage heater concept

The storage heater concept dates back to the 1960s, when the UK’s industrial requirements ensured that there was a steady demand for electricity across the 24-hour cycle.

As levels of industrial activity reduced and electricity supply became more weighted toward domestic consumers, suppliers ended up producing surplus power in the night and instating tariffs (Economy 7) that provided cheaper rates at these times of lower demand.

To take advantage of this, storage heaters were invented that consume energy by night and store the heat in an insulated core for the following day. For this type of heater, it is important to locate the heater well and to ensure that the customer is on the right tariff.

One major problem with the traditional storage heater models is that they leak heat at a steady rate. By evening time (when people generally want to turn the heating on) there is often little remaining stored heat available, and the heater then needs to draw energy from the grid.

MS Guardio supplies AIANO guards for Dimplex Quantum Heater Smart Technology

AIANO wire mesh radiator guard designed for the Dimplex Quantum range in cooperation with Dimplex.

Elderly residents having a keep fit session

The Quantum heater is designed with the elderly in mind. MS Guardio has written recently about safety around heaters for care homes

Dimplex Quantum heater smart technology

The revolutionary design of the Dimplex Quantum heater smart technology solves this problem by incorporating refined insulation that now includes aerogel and a completely redesigned heat brick for maximally efficient energy storage.

The fan that circulates the heat from the brick to the room space has also been improved by making the fan considerably larger than the fans in older models. This allows it to run at a slower speed, which provides efficiency gains as well as cutting down on the amount of noise the unit produces.

The heater features smart technology; it is capable of monitoring weather forecasts and preparing in advance for the anticipated temperature by storing more heat in the night before an expected colder day.

The Quantum heater smart technology also uses self-learning algorithms that monitor the consumer’s lifestyle patterns and preferences to provide the highest level of comfort and efficiency.

Alternatively, the Quantum iQ controller coupled to a digital LCD display enables heating requirements to be pre-set by the user over a seven-day period, and there is also the ability to switch between different profiles (such as a ‘holiday mode’) as required.

The system also incorporates adaptive start technology and open window sensing, making the heaters fully EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant. Heater models ending in RF can be wirelessly controlled via a smartphone/tablet app called Dimplex Control when paired with the Dimplex Hub.

Advantages of Dimplex Quantum heater smart technology

Dimplex Quantum heater smart technology​ is designed with the elderly in mind. The digital display is clear and simple to use, and the rotary controls are large and tactile, without the fiddly and often stiff knobs that plague older models. The heater is also built to be aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. The compact and slimline design means that a lot of floor space can be saved too.

Studies have shown that the customer can expect to see significant savings of up to 47% compared to an electric convector or radiator system and up to 27% compared to a standard storage heater system[1] when used in conjunction with the Economy 7 tariff. Up to 90% of the average daily energy consumption can be provided through overnight charging, and all additional heating requirements are pulled directly from the power grid to meet demand.

The storage technology can adapt to future developments in energy supply. For instance, if the Economy 7 tariff is discontinued in favour of a more flexible hourly rate tariff, the heater can shift to storing energy during times of the day when electricity is at its cheapest.

Dimplex Quantum heater smart technology are the best option for large institutions such as care homes and schools that are off the gas grid and are looking to make serious energy savings. To get the most benefit from these heaters, it is important to plan your heating strategy efficiently to take the best advantage of the heat storage technology.

The heaters are also the perfect choice for upgrading electric heating systems and are expressly designed to cover the fixing marks of most similarly sized heaters. There are five heater models available, with ascending output ratings of 500, 700, 1000, 1250 and 1500 Watts, corresponding to room sizes of 4, 5, 8, 9 and 11 square metres[2].

[1] Running Costs of Conventional Electric Space Heating Systems

[2] This calculation assumes a room with a ceiling height of 2.4 meters, cavity walls and one exterior wall at room temperature. Dimplex provides an electric heater room size calculator here.

MS Guardio – a world of wire guards

At MS Guardio we pride ourselves in offering the widest range of wire mesh guard solutions for all your health & safety needs and much more.  Our products are practical, strong and beautifully crafted by Aiano from British and European steel.

Wire mesh guards are our world and we are experts on the wire mesh products we offer you. We keep a large stock of all the most popular wire guard products, which means we can get your order dispatched with speed and efficiency. We also provide guidance and helpful information on what to look for and how to choose your guard MS Guardio offers the widest range of radiator covers for all the most popular makes of heater.

But as well as heater guards, we sell protective guards for light fittings including fluorescent light guards, bulkhead guards and floodlight guards and various sensor guards. Please call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on our products.


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